Our Goal as Building Experts are to grow in our field of excellence and to be known as the most reliable, most trustworthy and most dedicated construction company. We strive to provide affordable and competitive service for all our clients. We ensure the delivery of a completed project on time and within the schedule of our clients.


Building a new home can be one of the most exciting yet stressful projects to handle; because of this, choosing a reputable residential building contractor is a must. We at Aquatex Projects are here to take the stress of your back and handle all of the overwhelming details of your project.

Our team have earned an outstanding reputation for our workmanship and service excellence. We specialize in turnkey solutions for all residential construction projects. We take on all residential building projects and ensure that the smooth success of all projects is our main priority.

By hiring Aquatex Projects to be your residential contractor, you can be confident in knowing that you have knowledgable professionals on your team.

A good paint job will provide both aesthetic appeal and comfort, as well as protects your walls and ceiling! When you see signs of discoloration, streaks, stains, chipping, and wear and tear, your walls are asking for some love! We can help, we pride ourselves in treating your home as if we were the ones who would be waking up in it every morning. A good paint job goes a long way, and we can ensure that.

Commercial and Industrial Construction Services

The development of a commercial or Industrial building is a huge project for anyone.

Aquatex Projects is a reputable construction company with a track record for delivering highly successful commercial construction projects for all of our clients.

We work with the best in the industry, using innovative techniques and the highest quality materials to ensure that our client’s commercial and industrial build is a success.

We provide commercial painting because we want to take care of local commercial and industrial clients. If your job needs to start with professional pressure washing for a fresh surface, we can provide that too. If not, then we’ll get right to it and show you how we provide prompt and professional service for all of our customers. There are plenty of reasons you need an expert to take care of your commercial painting. We’re your one-stop resource for all your commercial, and industrial needs. Call us now to get your free estimate.


Whether you want to add extensions to your property or renovate the interior, AQUATEX PROJECTS specialize in all alteration, painting and renovation projects.

With years of hands-on experience, we at AQUATEX PROJECTS understand that renovations and repairs can be costly and cause disruption on your property. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, our team are able to complete the work as fast as possible, in the most cost-effective way, to prevent and minimize any inconvenience it may cause for our clients.

Residential painting is another term for home painting. Professional house painters like us are experts to painting the interior and exterior of single family homes. Whenever you hire us, you can rest easy knowing that a group of painters will work hard to improve your home with aesthetic and structure. Not only are we capable to change the look and texture of your house, but we can cater services to you or your family’s needs as you stay in your home.


Whether you want to improve your driveway or want to ingrease the value of your property, AQUATEX PROJECTS specialize in all Driveway Improvements – Residential or Commercial projects.
We will improve and preserves the appearance of your property while helping you maintain your property value. Residential or Commercial we will incorporate multiple techniques into the same job, all to complete the project to your and our satisfaction. Get a written estimate and avoid making your selection based solely on the lowest price. Instead, look for good value, which is remarkable work for a reasonable price.For exceptional service from a reliable and reputable contractor, give our team a call ASAP!